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Unconditional Basic Income: a Sustainable Solution to People's Needs? - Debate Café

Tuesday 17 April, 20h00 • Dominicanen Bookshop Dominicanerkerkstraat 1

What would you do if you did not have to go to work? The planet we live on has a finite amount of resources to offer, a fact widely accepted. What does this responsibility entail?
Advocates of the deep ecology movement champion the need of a paradigm shift - an entire new way of understanding the relationship of humans with nature and with each other.

This enormous challenge can only be met collectively, bundling the potential and creativity of all world citizens. It seems impossible in our world today which is marked by a high level of individualism and meritocracy.

This is where the concept of unconditional basic income ensues: all citizens - regardless of whether they have an occupation - would receive an amount of money every month that guarantees basic livelihood requirements like food and shelter. Consequently people would not have to work for their survival but for a purpose they can choose themselves. Work could more easily constitute a contribution to self-fullfilment, the family or the society.

An utopian idea? An economically viable solution? Come, join us for the debate with scholars, politicians and activist, and find out!

The debate features:
- Felix Coeln, chaiperson of Kölner Initiative Grundeinkommen e.V., who looks at the core philosophical idea of of separating income from working for a livelihood.
- René Gabriëls, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Maastricht University
- Adrian de Groot Ruiz, assistant professor of finance at the department of economics of the Radboud University. His research interests are behavioral economics, behavioral finance and sustainable economics & finance.
- The Italian philosopher Emanuele Murra, PhD researcher University of Salento and University of Leuven, is looking at the link existing between material conditions and freedom, claiming that some economical right has to be considered as fundamental right.
- Moderator: Prof. Harm Hospers, dean of the University College Maastricht

Organized in cooperation with Universalis
The SG Debate Café is a meeting place for scientists and university students. The café provides an opportunity for anyone and everyone to debate with scientists in an informal atmosphere. Scientists talk about their passions and their work. You can get a drink, enjoy the live music, and chat with the speakers. It’s a chance to experience the fascination of science, ask questions, acquire knowledge, interrogate scientists and form your own opinions.

Check for more information about the topic and the panel of tonight.

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